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Anonymous | 05/20/2021 5:48 PM | 68619579 | Replies: 54196669

Rust is a mistake.

Miscompilations present in all Rust versions since Rust 1.24 Feb. 15, 2018 producing malformed binaries, which means that in theory any behavior is possible THREE YEARS maliciously crafted "safe" code can have any behavior possible three years of miscompiled crates three years of miscompiled rust compilers compiling rustc version N requires rustc version N -1 or greater 28 versions of rustc need backports and rust toolchain must be re-bootstrapped to fix the problem polkit (Application development toolkit for controlling system-wide privileges) depends on rust based javascript engine Ken Thompson warned youRecap:

Anonymous | 05/20/2021 11:07 PM | 54196669

>>68619579 Tell that to Amazon lmao Also goddamnit, I was working on a another project and put this one on ice for a little bit, but then you bring me back... >